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This lady went nuts because I flipped her the bird while she sped past Liam and I going at least 40mph.

Excuse my flustered nervous talking, she thinks because she drives an Audi she can just blow around side streets.


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I don’t think I have ever cried so much in a movie. I was absolutely hysterical.

I literally had to pause the movie and walk upstairs because I was crying so much. It took me half an hour to calm down after watching this scene because it is the most relevant thing I’ve ever seen.

I can never not cry while watching this scene. 

Please can somebody tell me which movie this is?

It’s cyberbully, right? I’ve never seen it but I looked up a picture. I want to see it so badly.

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As close as most of us will get to the Everest.

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Latest Japanese school girl photo craze! Faux Dragon Ball attacks!

We’re totes gonna try this one. You just need a little timing and knee-highs.

Japanese School Girls Dragon Ball Re-Enactments

(Thanks, Selina!)

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